About Doncan Works

Doncan Works is the heart project of military veteran, entreprenuer, non-profit founder, and insatiable creative Jan Shultis.


Jan is a 2006 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where she earned a B.S. in English, with Honors.  Upon commissioning into the U.S. Navy she served around the country as a Public Affairs Officer, including a deployment to Afghanistan embedded with a joint task force focused on detention operations and the rule of law.


After departing active duty in 2012, Jan ran a prolific animal shelter in California for a year before moving to the Houston, Texas area.  In Houston she both launched her private business and founded The Xena Project, a veteran-operated 501(c )3 dedicated to supporting the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of fellow veterans.  Learn more at xenahorse.com.


Jan considers intellectual curiosity to be among her greatest creative strengths.  She keeps a clear mind, open heart, and dirt-caked hands from diving into mud, rain, and anything else to explore the vision.  If she sees beauty (and she nearly always does), she is going to go to any and all lengths to show it to you in ways you can touch, feel, and smile at.

"Doncan" is a stuffed purple dragon given to Jan as a child by her father, a retired Marine.  Doncan is both good luck, and a reminder to remain inspired and joyful.



Three words embody the spirit of Doncan Works:



Creativity requires courage of the heart.  Fortitude is needed to have faith in a vision others may not see; construct a product true to that vision; and stay humble when evaluating the quality of the finished work, continually striving to be better.  Courage of the heart means self-awareness, a knowledge of what feeds creativity, what impedes it, and the strength to embrace the former and forsake the latter.  Courage is the foundation of a magical life, and in this sense is synonymous with "faith."



Joy is a product of gratitude and clarity.  There is much reason to smile in this world, and endless fodder for lifting thankful hearts and hands to the sky.  When there is courage to seek joy, acknowledge it, and protect it, then joy is sustained.



Magic is the God factor.  Jan is a Christian who believes it doesn't matter how you talk to God, in what words, or where, but that magic only exists when the conversation is unceasing.  Courage sustains joy.  Joy creates the ability to experience magic, and the strength to sustain a magical life.


Courage.  Joy.   Magic.  (With these three things, we create.)


© 2016 by Doncan Works and All Xena's Horses, LLC



courage. Joy. magic.