Artist Jan Shultis turns her uniquely vibrant eye to your daily life with a line of versatile natural gemstone jewelry that lends beauty, grace, and strength to your every endeavor.  This is art you can literally feel, and she couldn't be more excited to put it in your hands.

Jan particularly enjoys creating necklaces and bracelets of variable length that can go from work to play and back again. She works in a variety of metals and natural, allergy-free materials, such as hemp.  Jan is well-practiced in the art of hand-knotting, and incorporates this technique in many of her pieces.  At client request, Jan is also producing wrapped crystals, of the exquisitely high quality found in the larger crystal shop she curates.

Own something you love, in need of repair?  Bring it on by - restringing and other repair services are also available.

Jan welcomes commissions, including projects that incorporate beads, crystals, pendants, or other materials you already own.  Please contact her directly by calling (832) 535-5532 or writing to to discuss your project.  View currently available creations in the store.



Prayer beads are a mission by Doncan Works and artist Jan Shultis to inspire joyful, colorful conversations with God.  High quality crystal beads are woven with a deliberate choice of stone, number of beads, method of stringing, and tassel construction to encourage prayer.  Each set includes a description card that shares the properties of the stones and significance of construction.


Not sure how to use them?  While prayer beads can be used to count repetitive prayer, the properties of the crystals also make these strands useful in quieting the mind and enhancing clarity. Try hanging them in your car, locker, kitchen, or other commonly viewed area (one happy customer even uses them to tie back the curtains in each room of her home).  Wear them around your neck, or toss them in a purse or bag.  Jan loops them around her wrist, where they serve as a “gratitude check” – every time she sees them, she takes a moment to give thanks to God.  


In addition to the prayers beads available in the Doncan Works Etsy shop (please click here to view), strands can be purchased in person at Katy Wellness and Day Spa, and at area horse shows and special events.  Jan happily accepts commissions; please contact her to discuss your vision.


Jan regularly produces smaller runs of personal and home decor items, such as wind chimes, window decorations, pendulums, and more.  As always, each creation reflects her signature use of vibrant color and exquisite attention to detail.  See currently available work in the store.  Jan happily accepts commissions, and is always happy to consider a new project - if you have a great idea or know that your environment needs a bit of gemstone-driven joy, please call her at (832) 535-5532 or write to to discuss your project.

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